Promote your business by colorfull Lawn signs

The signs can also be used for personal use, such as to announce a special occasion like a wedding or graduation ceremony.Yard signs are best used for business purpose. You can use them to announce a sale or to direct potential customers around the property or help customers find your organization. Yard signs also known as lawn sign stand can easily promote your product, service or brand. They are strategically placed in drive-ins, parking lots or lawns where the moving traffic can spot them. 

These signs are mounted on an “H” stand. It measures 686cm in height and 254cm in width. The “H” stand is wedged into the ground. You can display signs that are of the following Three sizes:

12 inches x 12 inches   |   12 inches × 16 inches   |   16 inches × 24 inches

No mounting hardware is needed to display the signs. We design yard custom signs that will meet your marketing need or promotional needs. To maximize the advantage of a yard sign, it should be eye-catching and placed in a visible location.


16x121 5.00CAD
4 20.00CAD
8 32.00CAD
12 42.00CAD
16 56.00CAD
20 60.00CAD
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Total 5.00CAD